Hitesha Chandranee had recently claimed that a Zomato delivery executive hit her and ran away after they argued over the delivery time of the food she had ordered through the app. Hitesha had shared a video of the same on her Instagram account and a shorter version of the same clip on Twitter. 

After Hitesha’s video aired, Joshi Srinath Bengaluru DCP (South East), confirmed that the delivery man, Kamaraj, was arrested. The Zomato delivery executive who was accused of physical assault, branded as Kamaraj, however, shared a different version of the incident and denied the allegation saying that it was the woman who first orally abused him, and then hit him with a “chappal.”

Over the past week, social media has been severely divided after Bengaluru-based model and makeup artist. Many social media users are now backing Kamaraj’s side of the story, saying whosoever is on the wrong should be punished. “Hope you make the right decision about Kamaraj! He has got many lives to earn for!” said another user. Some users have also appreciated how Zomato is helping both parties in bringing out the truth. “Great thing Zomato is bringing light on both sides of the story,” said a user.

Hitesha Chandranee blamed Zomato’s delivery executive Kamaraj of assaulting her, sharing graphic images of her nose bleeding. While the delivery partner involved in the alleged incident was instantly suspended, Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal released a statement saying that the company is currently providing all resources to Kamaraj in order to ensure that “both sides of the story come to light” in the “spirit of fairness”.

Well, we just hope that justice is served and there is no injustice to either side of the parties.

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