In our country, men get away with committing harsh injustice (and very often crimes) with their women; simple because the womenfolk don’t know any better. A large percentage of women in our cities, and almost all the rural women, are not aware of their legal rights. They don’t know that they are being treated unfairly or unjustly. They just accept their lot as fate because of this ignorance.

So today we bring you a list of rights that all women have under Indian law. It is our duty to share this information with as many women as we can.

Your Rights Under Indian Law

1. The Zero FIR Ruling. This Supreme Court decision states that a woman can lodge any FIR anywhere, with no restrictions on lodging the complaint with the Police Station that holds jurisdiction on crime location.

2. A woman can even lodge an e-FIR. If for some reason you cannot go to a police station, you can still register your complaint by email or by post to the police station.

3. No Interrogation at PS. Law states that if a woman has to be interrogated, it should be done so at her house, in the presence of a female constable and the woman’s family.

4. No Detention at PS Overnight. No woman can be detailed at any police station in India overnight.

5. 354D – Stalking. If any person makes you uncomfortable by stalking you, you can lodge a complaint with a police station under Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code.

6. 498 – Domestic Violence. If you are subjected to domestic violence or abuse by your husband or anyone else in his family, you can take legal recourse by complaining under section 498 of the IPC.

7. Amendment to Hindu Succession Act 2005. This amendment states that women have equal right in inheritance of family’s assets.

8. Indecent Representation of Women Act 1986. This Act attempts to prohibit any indecent depiction of representation of any woman.

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