In this rapid moving world of modernization, the advancement of technology is nowhere hidden from us. The machines are making our life easier and have maintained our life without any friction in the process. In the past, reports of the death of human jobs have often been greatly exaggerated, and technology has created a lot more jobs than it has wiped out. However, take a look around any workplace, and it’s hard not to see the radical transformations reforming the way we work. One of those major changes is the evolution of modern robotics, or artificial intelligence (AI).

There are various jobs that are already taken over by the machines and there are many more set to be taken over by machines.

Here below are some jobs that will be taken over by machines in the coming decade:

Accountants and Bookkeepers: Data processing probably created more jobs than it eliminated, but machine learning based on accountants and bookkeepers will be so much better than their human counterparts. So it looks like this job will be taken over by machines soon.

Report Writers, Journalists, Authors and Announcers: With new Artificial intelligence coming into the picture of technology. Machines can be taught to read data, pattern match images or video, or analyze almost any kind of research materials and create a very readable article.

Commodity Salespeople: Online marketing is the new gig in the business world to highlight their products. Unless you sell dreams or magic or negotiate using special perks, bribes or other valuable add-ons that have nothing to do with specifications, price and availability, start thinking about your next project.

Adapting to this change is going to require us to understand how man-machine partnerships are going to evolve. Do you think this will happen soon?

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