Social media never dissapoints to surprise us. From Magg Pani Puri to Chocolate Pani Puri, in recent times we came across many distinctions of our all-time favourite Pani Puri, also known as Golgappa. Pan Puri happens to be one of the most popular street foods of India. This popular street food comes majorly in two variations- atta and sooji. The pooris have seen many variations of filling. And the latest addition to the list of inexplicable stuffing is- Butter Chicken.

In a recent tweet, a user named Devlina, who runs the handle @AarKiBolboBolo gave a foretaste of the odd dish. The image included in the post was of Butter Chicken Golgappas from a food delivery outlet. It shows regular atta golgappas stuffed with chicken and topped with sev. She captioned the post, “Sh1t no one needs in life”.

The post has gathered several likes and reactions and it’s apparent that netizens were not quite pleased with the odd dish. One user commented, “Puchka is puchka. It has remained what it is since time immemorial. I don’t know how does ones eat this!!!.” Another user said, “What is this what is this what is this.” Meanwhile, another netizen wrote, “From where do these guys get such ideas from I wonder.”

Seems like it is a poor mix of two dishes into one. Well, would you ever want to try the butter chicken gol gappa?

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Joydev Mishra


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