Most people imagine a big crowd, music, dance, fancy food and a lot of tamasha when they think of a wedding. But this inspiring young couple has put everyone to shame with their simple wedding, held at an office sans all tamasha!

Meet IPS office Navjot Simmi from 2018 Bihar cadre and IAS officer Tushar Singla from 2015 Bengal cadre. Professional responsibilities kept these two from setting up a wedding. Both the officers are from Gujarat and have known each other for some time now. They kept trying to find time for a marriage ceremony but their professional commitments kept coming in the way. Finally, they are now married. Simmi travelled to Bengal for a simple wedding that was help in Tushar’s office. There was neither an elaborate celebration, nor fancy dressed guests. A simple ceremony involving signatures resulting in a registered wedding.

Who would have thought that a wedding can be so simple?

Simmi and Tushar have set a great example for all of us, showing us that simple living, high thinking can be followed in every aspect of life.

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Lavanya Mehra


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