Poland is known for its revolts and stunned population. Well, something similar did happen recently when Polish women donned in black, holding black flags went on to the streets of Poland on Monday, embargoing jobs and curricula to part-take in the coast-to-coast foray to protest a jurisdictive pitch for a total ban on abortion.

 The peaceful protests ended in a countrywide raid, with thousands of women from across 60 Polish cities estimated participating. This strike was called to show that shaming a women’s body is no governmental property.

Gocha Adamczyk, an adherent of the left-wing Razem party, is the woman who paved the online movement attributed with rallying protesters. She said that her impetus was vibrant from the start: she sought to give girls from smaller towns across the nation the capability to prompt their apprehensions with the route of their country. 

The protest was very simple and polite thereby it got waved and meet the needs of the strike. The strike was revolted from an online movement through Facebook and later became huge with a mass protest on the streets of Poland. The frustration moved high on the protest to the entire ban on abortions. With the protest the current legislature only allows abortion in cases where the woman has been raped or subject to incest, there is the possibility of death to the mother, or if there is any internal damage that is severe.

The citizens initiated for a draft bill to liberalize the contents of the present abortion regulations which was signed by hundreds of thousands of people who were present during the strike.

Well, we are aware of women power and now we are certain that women can change courses with every passing challenge.


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