In today’s generation literacy and education has outgrown the barriers of stereotype thinking. No matter how hard it is to engulf, it is the path that can lead nations to a new engrossed upgrading. In the traditional package of human cultivation, it only focuses on the furtherance of male prospect of growth and eventually neglected the upbringing of women. In today’s scenario the situation is like a flipped coin. Women are on par with men in every aspect irrespective to any field.

Start up and entrepreneurship is a new trend in present time. In this very present era we can easily find out many women who are just not only involved in domestic workings but are now running companies of their own. According to online studies conducted earlier this year for rankings on the rise of female entrepreneurship, India went up on the list as compared to the last time evaluation. With every step approaching towards literacy and education irrespective of the gender is actually lightening the shade of dark dots in the country.

There are various female leaders like Aditi Gupta founder of Menstrupedia, Anisha Singh Founder & CEO of Mydala.com, and many more who are the real inspiration to many when it comes to breaking barriers to promote literacy and self-dependence. It’s the factual discovery that shows, there is nothing less a women can’t do if given chances and resources. To be efficient one has to be effective in all prospects. From rural areas to modern urbanization, women are swinging everywhere. There is no doubt that in the coming days the fraction of disparity that still exist will surely soon get blurred.


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