Well, good news for the all the female population out there in India, from now onwards there is no restriction of name changing on the passport after marriage. Women are always disputed with majority rules to follow, apart from general citizen regulations and rules. Initially, it was mandatory that women those who get married have to change their name on the passport by changing their last name to their husband’s last name. But, with the announcement made by PM Modi recently, Women after marriage will no longer need to change their name on the passport.

Modi said his government is working in different ways to empower women and their rights through various schemes like Mudra and Ujjwala, among others. Modi told a gathering of the Indian Merchants Chambers’ ladies wing over a video conferencing that,”From now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 13 announced that women are free to retain their maiden names in their passports now after the marriage. He further added that on all of his schemes his ministry focuses on keeping women needs as the base priority before implementing any schemes to action and this is no exception.

We are happy with this small step from our beloved Prime minister ensuring that every individual and section of the population is important and needs attention. We appreciate this call from PM Modi and hope to see more schemes in favor of the general public in future.


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Joydev Mishra


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