Alisha has written in, asking us if she will be asked out again by a guy she saw last week. She thinks the date went fine and they both had fun. But he has not called her since. So now Alisha is not sure if the date last week was as good for him as it was for her. Usually, it is easy to tell if your date is having a good time with you. If he is, he would want to see you again. But in these times of pretension, sometimes it’s not that easy to tell. So here are a few pointers for you.

Did He Like You?

He may not say it (they like to be polite at least on the firt date), but if you arrive late, you lose some points immediately. Men may be slobs themselves, but when it comes to having to wait for a date, they are not too kind about it. After you have crossed the punctuality test, next is the appearance test. Your date is not looking for a “Behenji”. But he’s not looking for Mallika Sherawat either. So try to strike a balance between the two extremes. Dress smart and attractive, look modern and classy. These two factors are enough for him to evaluate (first impression) whether he can like you. 

Did He Have Fun With You?

He may like you as a person, but if the chemistry’s missing then there’s no next date coming up. What defines the chemistry? How do you know whether he had fun with you or not? One thing that matters is your participation in the activities and conversation. When he starts talking about his favorite TV shows, do you just listen or do you have inputs to make? You can make inputs only if you share his interests and watch some of those shows. Similarly, when he talks about the Indo-Sri Lanka final match in the World Cup, do you just sit around making a face? Or do you have something witty to say? If you participate, he knows that you share his interests and life won’t be too boring with you as a partner.

Similarly, if you show interest in him while on the date, you have a better chance of being asked out again. Did you ask him questions about himself? Did you communicate that you’d like to know him better? He wants to know that you are interested.

All these factors help him in deciding whether he wants to see you again or not. He probably does not even realize that he’s analyzing and evaluating with these bits  of information. But all these things do come into play when it comes to the question of asking you out again.

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