So your last date was a disaster! And what’s more you are so scared now, that you have been off dates for the last six months or so. If the reason for your last date being a disaster was you, then this write up is just for you. Memsaab brings to you some tips so that you save yourself the jitters before that oh-so-important date. Read it, implement it and let us know how your date was. Hopefully it should be better than the last one…

1. Forget everything about the last date – What’s happened has happened. You do not need to be reminded about what went wrong with that date. Focus on getting it right for the next date.

2. Be Confident – Do not undermine yourself. Remember it is just a date and the guy would also be trying as hard to impress you as much as you would try to impress him (if he is good enough!).

3. Smile – A smile can do wonders. It melts the ice between two individuals and makes both of them comfortable with each other. Remember that you only need to smile warmly and genuinely.

4. Being Yourself – Do not try to be somebody that you are not. If you are not a movie-lover, so be it. You would not gain anything by reading up on the latest movies or actors and then trying to pass off as a movie-lover. Be Yourself.

5. Have some conversation points handy – Read up on the latest headline in the newspapers so that you are up to date on current matters. You should have some material to talk about after all. Also, no need to be shy. Confident and assertive people have better experiences on dates.

6. Relax – No need to be uptight. Just let everything be. Being stressed out will only complicate things. Do not think about what he is thinking about you. Just focus on being yourself and everything will fall in place.


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