Our society is facing the worst nightmares at this time of the hour. The rape culture is so widespread nowadays that especially the female population in our country is scared to come out of their houses. Rape is something that exploits women in general and leads to severe fatal memories and sometimes death. When it comes to protecting our own women and children, do you all think that death penalty should be the appropriate judgment that should be articulated immediately?

If we go with the recent statistics and data, children below 15 are being raped and killed, which is saddening for a country that leads its way towards world development. The statistics from 2012 till now has only increased and the culprits and rapists are still not captivated. Also, if we go with the reports, there are people from the government or the state involved in these cases – be it politicians or police officers, or in a communal sense – like religious leaders.

Rape is now a national issue and needs attention and significance instead of harassing the victim and shutting their mouth by money. We need to see action but that does not necessarily mean capital punishment. We need quick delivery of justice, better-trained police and a more efficient legal way of dealing with such cases.

India is a fast pace country that has more than expected crimes every now and then and it is important that we make sure our jurisdiction is flexible and agile to handle them all with proper judgments like the death penalty for rape cases to leave an example for others. So, what do you think, will death penalty for rape make our women and children any safer?

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