Prateek gets home late in the evening most days. As soon he gets home, his wife lays the dinner and they eat while watching his favorite channels on the TV, usually sports. After an hour or two of the TV watching, they retire to their bedroom and Prateek immediately dozes off. On days when Prateek and Tina make an effort at intimacy, Prateek dozes off immediately after sex. This has been going on for the last 3 years and Tina is an unhappy wife, understandably.
Whether or not there is sexual interaction, a couple needs to bond every evening before sleeping, and this is called Pillow Talk. Our schedules are getting busier day by day and both partners work in most couples these days. So there is very little time for working couples to interact and communicate with intimacy. This often leads to dissatisfaction in one or both the partners, and if not fixed, it can slowly crumble a marriage.
Pillow Talk is important because:
– You get to share your day’s experiences with each other.
– You can make plans for tomorrow.
– You share your feelings about life, work, family etc.
– You get to know each other better.
– You can even talk about intimate things like sex and what you want in bed.
– This is the only time when you can bond, uninterrupted.


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