Modern relationships are very fickle. The access to people of opposite sex is immensly more than it used to be. In fact, it is very easy to look at a picture and hook up with someone for a night of fun! But what does this ease of forming short satisfying relationships does to the real long term relationships? People who are not committed enough to their partner give in to temptation and CHEAT.

But it is not just a weak character that makes people cheat. Here are some other reasons why women cheat:

– For spite. This is one of the most common reasons for a woman to cheat. If you cheat on your gal, expect her to return the favour!

– To get a break from controlling and suffocating behaviour. If you get overtly possessive and jealous, your gal may try to break free by cheating on you!

– To enjoy the attention. If you do not give the required attention to your partner, she will jump at whoever gives it to her!

– To explore what else is on offer. A woman who is not sure of her commitment to you will do this.

The only way to avoid the grief of being cheated on is to keep channels of communication open. You should have faith and trust in your relationship so that feelings can be discussed openly even if they are hurtful for one partner.

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