They often call us the Weaker sex. But men can never understand how strong we really are.

Perhaps we are weaker physically. But when it comes to emotional strength, we far outdo men. This has always been known to everyone. But what many people don’t know is that women are also more competitive than men. You may have observed that often women don’t speak to their female colleagues or stop speaking to one or more women in their circle of friends/contacts. Ever wondered why? COMPETITION!

Yes, a recent study has revealed that women are far more competitive than men in work and life situations. We may not be physically aggressive, but this study proves that women use different forms of aggression to compete. Our subtle forms of aggression could include excluding someone from a group (if considered competition) or behaving coldly towards a person who is in direct competition. But at the same time, if faced with fear of exclusion, women tend to join forces with an opponent immediately and exclude someone else from the group (rather than letting others exclude them).

Psychologist Joyce Benson of Harvard University conducted this research study and this is what he says, “The social worlds of men and women differ in that females have to worry about alienating others, whereas males worry about getting beaten up. As their primary competitive strategy, females may attempt to form an exclusionary alliance, whereas males may try to directly dominate an opponent.”

So who’s the Weaker Sex?




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