Most young girls across the country are obsessed with looking slim like Deepika and Priyanka. There’s nothing wrong with being slim, but exactly what is wrong with being “not thin”? What is wrong with having some curves? God intended for women to have some curves, so why are we shying away from them instead of being proud of them? You may not realize, but there are many positives in being a curvy gal. Wonder what?

Advantages of Having Curves

1. If you are going to rock a sexy traditional Indian dress, you NEED some curves. Flat and thin girls look like scarecrows dressed in Indian outfits.

2. Men prefer curvy women. Isn’t male attention the real thing all of us hanker after?

3. if you accept and embrace your curves, you can start enjoying your meals again!

4. Curvy women are stronger physically, have more stamina and better balance!

5. A lot of Bollywood celebs are now embracing their curves, you’ve got company! Vidya, Parineeti, Huma and Sonakshi are a few babes who rock!

Do you need more reasons to love your curvy body?

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