The presidency poll is around the corner in the US and it is very difficult to analyse the quality of gesture to conclude on, what should be the effect on India if Mr. Trump who holds a firm grip in the election platform to the run for the presidency will have?

The possibility of Donald Trump’s winning the presidency poll can have some tumultuous effect on many nations including India. Trump’s rejoinder would undoubtedly be to say, “That’s just stupid.” But the Republican Party is also freaking at the idea of a “President Trump”, as are foreign regimes. His captivated cohorts, meanwhile, love his tough talk against colonists.

On an interaction with The Washington Post, Mr. Trump has rightly mentioned that he wants less intervention and more deal-making. If this may result to the seclusion of US from other countries, then it may surely bring some security crises for India.

A Trump presidency could advocate a shrill corrosion in relations with China and a conceivable trade war. The real estate magnates have accused China, Japan, Mexico, and sometimes India, of stealing American jobs. Trump’s policy suggests huge tariffs for any outer country dealings with the US.

Trump’s view on H-1B visas for foreign workers is very confusing too. Trump has said that he will raise the wage rate of foreign workers. Well, the policy of raising wages can tend to prosper “coveted entry-level jobs” to the existing domestic pool of unemployed workers to cut short the wage payments.

Well, there are undeniable facts that aroused with. “if Donald Trump landslides the presidency poll.” It is hard to figure out the proper impact of the election on India but surely the above facts and declaration are enough to judge the situation and circumstances that India may prevail in if, Mr. Trump gets the presidency seat with maximum votes.


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Joydev Mishra


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