What do you think, what is worse— Sugar or Alcohol? If someone offered you a sugar cube and someone a glass of wine, what would you choose? To bring to your notice, sugar is equal or worse than alcohol consumption.

We’ve known the effects of sugar on your brain and body. Many argue that the impact of sugar on global health is such that it should be subject to similar restrictions as alcohol. Medical experts agree that sugar represents a major health threat and we need to judicious our consumption.

Sugar plays in causative to a chronic disease for years and obesity that challenges this assumption. If calories come from sugar, they just aren’t the same. Sugar and alcohol: two things that have been somewhat demonized in the wellness world yet are still big parts of many of our favorite clemencies. A good glass of wine or a delicious piece of cake is a part of a balanced, well-rounded diet; they can contribute to your overall wellness when you’re eating clean. But sugar and alcohol are not really healthy substances you want in your diet.

Among many reasons, sweets can be more addictive than alcohol.

Fewer calories, less sugar: “First, a glass of wine, though it has calories and sugar, has fewer calories and sugar on average than a standard dessert.”

Portion control: “Most people can easily have one glass of wine, whereas one brownie leads to two . . . and three and many more, causing high-calorie intake.”

So, try to in-take less of both—sugar or alcohol.

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Joydev Mishra


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