Happy Women’s Day to all our Memsaabs!

On the run up to this occassion of international women’s day, we had conducted a survey amongst women from various walks of life in India, and asked them about what kind of country did they want to live in. Unfortunately, we are still a largely male dominated society, and also a male governed one and a male policed one. Women are still very short in number in all the important places and positions. In so many decades of our independence, we have had only one female Prime Minister and one female President. Naturally, most women are so brainwashed that they don’t even know that they ought to have an opinion of things! Those who had an opinion, gave it to us and here is what Indian women want…

1. Safety: Undoubtedly, women are afraid of male predators at every corner and nook in our country. Women want to feel safe, more than anything else at all!

2. No Discrimination:. Indian women feel that they face discrimination everywhere, starting right in the family and home of their birth. 

3. Change in Attitude: Women are no longer happy being looked upon as sex objects, baby machines, or home makers. The Indian woman now wants to find herself and create a new identity distinct from her familial roles.

4. Education: There can be no progress without education and Indian women realise it. This is why they want good education for everyone in the country.

5. Equality: Women today seek equality, in terms of opportunities, equal pay for equal work, equality in sharing of household chores and responsibilities etc.

Don’t you think it’s high time we actually got all these things? Our country can progress only when our society can offer these things to its women. Perhaps we can make change happen by bringing these changes in our homes first?

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