You are sitting on a beautiful beach, watching the sunset. You tell him how much you love him. You look at him. He smiles, but says nothing.

You are on a long romantic drive with him, you tell him how excited you are to go to the beautiful outskirts of the city. He looks at you, says nothing.

After the long day’s work you come back home and tell him all that has happened in the day. He sits back, listens to you patiently, but says nothing.

What is he thinking? What does he keep thinking about all the time? Why doesn’t he say anything?

We are different!
Our brains work in different ways. Boys are like computers. If they are processing too many tasks in their heads, they become “not responding”! So, they will keep thinking about a problem till they figure out a solution, but won’t utter a word (If your guy asks occasional questions, you are lucky!).

Interesting insight: Two men can spend an entire day together without saying more than 15 word. If two women do so, they would consider each other snobbish bitches!

It’s Science!
While we are born with speech areas on both sides of our brains, men have them only on the left side and there’s no specific section for it! It’s a gift because of which we can talk and work together!

That is why they “hang” or become dumb while processing too many tasks!

I still want to know!

If you still want to know what your boyfriend keeps thinking, this small example will help you.

Sahil and Priya were deeply in love with each other. Sahil took Priya out for a romantic dinner to a pool side restaurant. But Priya was a little uneasy all the while.

“Sahil, I think in I am a little attracted to this guy at my office. Raj. He asked me out today. I refused. I just wanted to confess. But I love you. I will always love you! I hope you are not upset?” Priya finally decided to ease her guilt.

Sahil was silent. He didn’t speak a word for 10 long minutes… just kept staring at the water in the pool. His silence was killing her! She began to lose hope and curse herself for confessing to him! She insisted that he looks at her and tells her whatever he was thinking, good, bad or ugly. After saying “nothing” for about a dozen times he finally agreed, “I was wondering if this pool is deeper or the one at my sport’s club.”

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