Do they like sporty girls? Do they find humour attractive? Would they marry successful women? Do they prefer a woman with a clean house to a woman who is exceptionally beautiful?

Women spend their life looking for answers to these questions. But who knows what men want? They are so confused themselves that it is unlikely to get them to answer your questions! So we bring you a list of traits that men are looking for in their potential partners/wives.

1. Independence: Modern men do like women who are independent and can take care of themselves. Though men do like to feel like the knight in shining armour for a damsel in distress, but when it comes to choosing a life partner, they don’t want too much pressure or responsibility. An independent woman is much prferrable.

2. Caring & Feminine: Men love women who take care of them and also of people close to them. So if you wish to ensnare a guy, try to be more loving towards his family and close friends. Men like to see feminine traits in their women, so drop the feminist act and be celebrate your femininity.

3. Modesty & Character: They don’t mind getting physical with a woman on a first date. But hey, they will not respect or marry this woman. They want their women to be modest and of strong character. So if you start dating a guy, don’t rush into anything if you want to see long term.

4. Honesty & Directness: Men do not like women who keep the guys wondering about what they are thinking. If you are honest and direct about your thoughts, needs and expectations, they will appreciate it a lot.

5. Humour: Men just love women who can share a good joke. A sense of humour is so much better than always being serious in life. Show them your lighter side and you will surely impress!

6. Space: The modern man does not like to feel handcuffed and imprisoned ina relationship. They need space. So they prefer women who share similar views. Giving space means not always calling him up to check where he is, letting him enjoy a few hours with his friends every now and then. Basically, they don’t like women who try to hijack their life and run it for them.

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