Have you heard about genetically modified foods? Genetic modification is a special set of a gene technology that sterilizes the genetic machinery of such living organisms as animals, plants or microorganisms. Genetic modified foods and crops commonly emphasis on human and environmental safety, labeling and consumer choice, intellectual property rights, ethics, food security, poverty reduction and environmental conservation. However, eating genetically modifies foods actually hampers human body and is not good for our health.

Removing or reducing GMO foods from your diet may offer grave alterations in digestive issues, energy levels, weight, food allergies or sensitivities, anxiety and depression, and other chronic health conditions.

Here below are the reasons why GM foods are bad for us:

The process of genetic modification can create or increase allergens, toxins, and anti-nutrients. For example, genetically modified soybeans were found to have as much as seven times the level of a natural soy allergen, plus double the normal amount of soy lectin, which can potentially block nutrient absorption.

One of the main goals of genetically modifying plants is to allow the crops to survive exposure to herbicides that kill surrounding weeds. An herbicide is classified by the World Health Organization as “probably carcinogenic”.

Bt toxin is an insecticide produced while processing most genetically engineered food varieties to kill insects so they don’t ruin crops. According to a scientific research, the toxin may increase the allergenic and carcinogenic compounds in corn. And consuming that can hamper our health in a chronic manner.

So now you are well aware of the bad impacts of eating genetically modified foods.

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