With every era and sessions passing by we still remember some epic bodies that has in actual world left a significant influence among people. One among many, Chanakya was the laurel and a great personality indeed.

Chanakya, a great personality and a great teacher was a genius and considered as a person of creativity by both western and Indian scholars. He was the person of great ability to redirect a motion into reformation. He was said to be the one who made evolution on entire political section in India. He was a teacher to many aristocrats and members of royal families. He was considered to be the one who shaped India elevating in respect to socio-political developments. Being a person of indulgence and knowledge he surely used his vision and creativity to reform the entire prevailing condition of the nation. Chanakya is one of the greatest teacher world has ever seen. He taught “Arthshastra”, an ancient Indian treatise on economic policy, statecraft and military strategy. He was a great person who promoted literacy and evolved the political and economic scenario of the nation. He had mastered in many fields and his ideas and virtues are still acknowledged by today’s youth.

In the present day, Chanakya’s works are highly recommended during any political and economic reforms. He is even considered as the “Management Guru” by virtue of his superlative teachings and revolutionary innovative undertakings. His fixation to foreign policy and international diplomacy in the present day world is very huge. There are various universities that involves in promoting teachings of Chanakya. His principles are outspoken in universities to aspiring foreign policy experts showing the soundness of his principles. Chanakya’s teachings and ideologies are still practiced in the areas of defense strategy formation and foreign relation. No doubt he was the best jewel India could have ever produced.


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