Valentine’s Day – The day that lovers wait for with bated breath! People who are in love and hitched, go out of their way to express it by spending money of chocolates, teddy bears, roses and other stuff. People who are in love and want to get hitched, also spend a lot of money and use this day to come clean about their feelings. But what do singles do on Valentine’s Day?

Sadly, the commercialization around Valentine’s Day makes it really difficult to ignore. So a week before the V-Day all singles are given daily reminders about how sad and alone they are because they have nobody to buy them gifts! Are you one of such people? 

How To Be Single on Valentine’s Day, and Love It?

– Start your day with a yoga session or a jog in the park.

– Now make a list of all the exciting and fun things that you can do BECAUSE you are single.

– Call up all your single friends and organize a party just for singles.

– Pamper yourself because you don’t need anyone else to buy you gifts. Buy roses if you like them, buy chocolates and go crazy!

– Dress up, and look hot because you’ve got to rock the party gal!

See, getting through the day wasn’t so difficult, especially when you are determined and decide to have fun with or without a partner!!!

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