It’s the day of love and the market is flooded with goodies for gifting and expressing love! There are Valentine’s Day celebrations happening everywhere and every restaurant has special arrangements for this day!

Then what is stopping you from making the best of the hundreds of options available to you?

All these Valentine goodies may be no use to you if money is a constraint! But that does not mean that you don’t have any option at all!

You can still make the day very special for your love. Set your imagination free and bring in some creativity. Your well-thought out Valentine’s Day gift will be a lot more precious to him than any of the expensive stuff in the market!

Love letters aren’t out of fashion!
Pen down your feelings for him or write about all the beautiful moments you have spent together and give it to him. You can also make a collage of the photographs of both of you or stick the photos with the letters! Give him the bunch of love letters either in one go, or one by one. This will keep the excitement ignited throughout the day!

Make a card for him
Put your creativity to some use! Make something for him… a card, a wall hanging, a photo frame. Compile a book of quotes or write a short poem for him. Even if you hunt out a poem from the internet that perfectly defines your relationship, it will work wonders!

The way to a man’s heart…
… Is through his tummy! We all know that. So, here’s your opportunity… go ahead and exploit it! Bake a heart shaped cake for him or prepare his favourite meal. The deeper you think about his tummy, the deeper you will go into his heart!

Arrange a candle light dinner
Call him over for dinner and make romantic arrangements for the day. With a delicious five course meal, Champaign and a romantic number playing in the background, it will be no less than a date in a five-star! After diner, put on your favorite music and spend the beautiful evening in his arms!

Gift a CD
Choose his all time favourite romantic numbers and burn a CD for him! This will remind him of you and the Valentine’s Day, whenever he listens to the CD!

Plan a day out
Ask him to take a leave that day and plan a day out with him. Include long drives that become very romantic, especially in the evenings! And don’t forget to wear your sexiest dress when you go out with him!

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