It is the summer vacation time, and also the vacation time for most Indian families. Most people prefer to go to cold places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal or Sikkim etc as they offer a respite from the scorching heat. Shimla is the hot favorite of all times! Families that travel to Uttarakhand will usually visit Haridwar and Masoorie or Nainitaal. All these places are nice, but theru can gee is far more your summer vacation. Visit Uttarakhand with your family this year and try these things:

Things That Make Uttarakhand Special

1. The valley of flowers. You have heard of it but it sounds too remote to actually visit? It is a trek of 17 km from Joshimath, but every step of the trek is totally worth it. What’s more, folklore has it that this is where Hanuman ji got Sanjeevani for injured Lakshman. Unmissable!

2. Adventure sports in Rishikesh. Even if you have seen all the temples in Rishikesh in your childhood, it still deserves another visit! Rishikesh is hot property when it comes to adventure sports like river rafting and camping on the banks of holy Ganga.

3. Learn to ski. Very few people really know about Auli. It is a spot high up in the mountains and they have 1 and 2 week ski camps for newbies who want to ski on the slopes.

4. Spirituaity expedition. If you though Haridwar was spiritual, you’ve got to think again! Kedarnath is remote and cold and gives you an experience in spirituality.

5. Ramdev’s Ashram. Love him or hate him, Ramdev’s Patanjali ashram deserves at least one visit. You can even stay for a few days at very reasonable rates and enjoy first hand yoga with the instructors. Many people claim to have benefitted from getting treatment at the ashram.

Do you need more reasons?

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