A reviewed bill to make instant Triple Talaq a disciplinary offence was taken up in the Lok Sabha today amid huge uproar. The government considered a law on it after the Supreme Court said in August last year that the traditional method of Muslim men instantly divorcing their wives by uttering “Talaq” thrice was “unconstitutional” and “arbitrary”. The projected law suggests a three-year jail term for stumbling husbands. The revised bill was drafted after the first draft got stalled in Rajya Sabha in January and the opposition members suggested changes.

The new proposed Triple Talaq Bill is passed in Lok Sabha.

The law makes “Triple Talaq” a crime with a jail term of up to three years and a fine for the husband, and makes the woman entitled to maintenance. It also addresses “nikah halala”, a practice under which a divorced woman has to marry another man and ideal the marriage if she wants to remarry her husband.

However, the government has refused to do away with the jail term for the husband, and the establishment that only empowers a magistrate, and not a local police officer, to release him on bail. It has, however, introduced three amendments, or changes, to stop the misuse of the proposed law.

Under the revised bill, only a woman, or her close relative, can file a police case against her husband. A second amendment allows her to drop the case if the couple reaches a compromise.

Also, Lok Sabha was not able to function appropriately due to frequent commotions by opposition members. However, on Friday, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan chaired a meeting of the Rules Committee which discussed a law to punish erring members with disciplinary action. The Speaker, however, said she expected the Lok Sabha to function smoothly for the passage of the Triple Talaq bill.

So, it seems like the law is a victory for mankind. What do you think?


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