It is hard to make perfect lunch for your kids. Parenting is not an easy job. Kids are more into games and activities than on eating their lunch during breaks. It’s tough to please children, especially when it comes to food. Nutrition is important for the kids and in order to do so, parents have to make major plans on what to prepare for lunch for their kids.

Here below are the top 5 ideas for your kid’s lunch boxes:

Oats Idli: Something bit spicy yet tasty will always please kids to have their lunch food on time. Oats Idli is one of most nutritious food item that tastes delicious and has high goodness of rich vitamins. Pack these yummy and lip-smacking idlis that hide the goodness of oats, lentils and veggies.

Upma: Umpa is a very common food item in India. A South Indian lunch break with upma is an easy way to keep your little ones full and satisfied till they get back home. 

Lentils and Mushroom Burgers: Burgers always seem tasty. Burgers are not very healthy for kids. It is important that while preparing burgers for your kids’ lunch box take some extra care to maintain the taste and nutrition intact. Make delicious patties with lentils and mushrooms placed between whole wheat buns.

Quick Noodles: Noodles are quick lunch item that you can pack for your kids for their lunch break. Pack some quick noodles with mushrooms, lime juice, crunchy peanuts and some coriander. It is light and delicious at the same time.

Pasta Salad: Pasta salad is full of taste and flavor. Stuff some broccoli and corn with it and pack it for your kids. It is tasty and healthy.

Above are the few food items that you can prepare for your kid’s lunch break.


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