Marie finds it hard to balance her responsibilities at work and at home. To make matters worse, she finds herself always lagging behind in her responsibilities at work. Somehow there are just too many distractions and she finds it hard to focus on her work. What should she do?

How To Avoid Distractions, and Focus on your Work

1. Keep a tab on the calls you take. If you take every call that makes its way to your phone, you shall probably be spending most of your time on phone! You can probably give some of them a miss, and rush your way through the ones that you do take. When at work, avoid the general niceties and timepass on phone!

2. Never ever waste your time on social networking while at work. These days people make it a habit to remain logged into their facebook and twitter accounts through their mobile phones. But this is a constant distraction that you could do well enough without!

3. Avoid office gossip. Your colleagues might be bitching about the boss or gossiping about the new hunk in the office. But if you are having trouble focussing on work, you should avoid the office gossip.

4. Stop daydreaming. If you find your mind wandering off, you should find ways to tame it and bring it back every time.

5. Do not stress! You might be stressed about your work, but this stress can cause you to lose focus and lag behind in your work.

6. Turn off the FM radio! Many people remain tuned in to their favorite FM station when at work. The songs might not be a distraction, but the constant chatter of the RJs certainly is!

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