If this is your first Karwachauth, you must be so excited! It is an exciting festival for all women, young and old. After all, we get to dress up and we get gifts from our hubbies. There is an unspoken competition between the women regarding dress, jewelery and henna design. So ladies flock to beauty parlors and henna stalls 2 days in advance. But after all this preparation and excitement, what happens on the d-day?

Fasting from early morning till late evening is no joke, especially if you are not drinking water either. You will begin to feel hunger and thirst pangs right at 11 o’clock. Your body is used to being fed nd watered at regular intervals. So this won’t be easy gal! If you are a stay at home girl, this becomes even more difficult. So we bring you tips on how to easily survive the K fast.

Tips to Survive Karwachauth Easily

1. Go to bed early the previous night so that you wake up refreshed.

2. Avoid sugary foods when you eat sargi in the morning. Go for nuts, paneer, fruit and a paratha. Nuts and paneer will provide you lasting energy and the paratha will give you a feeling of satiety. Sugary foods lead to hunger pangs later.

3. Keep yourself busy throughout the day. It is easy for working women, but if you do not have a job, find errands to run. Or go catch a movie with your friends.

4. Avoid drinking tea in the afternoon. If you would like to drink something, go for water or lemonade. Tea will cause acidity on an empty stomach.

5. When you break your fast in the night, avoid oily food. Drink plenty of water to compensate for the dhydration your body may have gone through.


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