With the current spate of attacks on women across the country, there is once again a debate on the issue of women’s safety. A woman was recently raped inside an Uber cab in Delhi. Uber, provides safest of cab services in the USA, but in Delhi, the company did not even bother to do a verification check on the drivers! With such lack of responsibility in all quarters, it finally seems that your safety is your own responsibility.

Tips to Deal With Eve Teasers and Potential Rapists

Your mother might prefer to have you quietly suffer eve teasing, because a reaction could make things worse. But now the time has come when we all need to collectively raise our voice and do something.

1. Raise an alarm. Do not keep quiet, gather up a storm and attract attention from all the people around. Make the episode as humiliating as possible for the eve teaser.

2. Slap him. If he gets too bothersome, don’t shy away from punching and slapping him. God gave us hands and legs, why not use them to teach these scumbags a lesson?

3. Carry a pepperspray. Use this for the most troublesome guys. Give them a dose of this medicine without second thoughts.

4. Poke them with sharp objects. Carry cutters or safety pins with you. When bothered in a crowded bus orr train, just poke!

5. Confront them. When someone is constantly staring at you, just confront them with an arch of your brows and ask what is the matter! Most of the time they will just look away.

Remember that it is not you who is doing any wrong, so why should you be ashamed?

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