We all know that life is expensive these days, especially for the youth. There are so many trends to follow, from technology to clothes, you want to have the best of everything. But most of the middle class has limited means and hence, students often find it hard to fulfill all their expectations with the limited means of their parents’ income. Today we bring some money saving tips for students, especially for students living away from home in hostels.

Money Saving Tips for Students

1. Save money on books by bowrrowing them from your college book bank or your seniors in college. 

2. If you don’t have access to a hostel, rent out an aprtment with a couple of other students and share all your living costs.

3. Avoid eating out as it is one of the biggest expenses that can be avoided. If you live in a hostel, you can use the kitchen to cook your favorite food items if you don’t feel like eating the hostel food occsionally.

4. Instead of using a two wheeler for transportation, invest in a bicycle and combine its use with use of public transport for far off places.

5. Do your own laundry and ironing instead of spending money on dhobi’s services.

6. Book your train/air tickets well in advance so that you get best rates and avoid surcharges.

7. Buy two pairs of jeans and pair them up with kurtis and tops. It will be cheaper than buying different sets of dresses.

8. Avail student discounts on all services like bus pass, rail tickets etc.

9. Get a part time job to supplement the pocket money your parents give you.

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