Hair is one of the most important parts of any individual. It is undoubtedly the crowning glory of our existence. In this rough sun and dusty environment, it is ideally very evident to get impaired hair and split-ends.

Well, it is important to take sufficient care of your hair when you know that it is your crowning glory. Well, here we have some natural tips for you to protect your hair from any damage.

  • Brighten Your Tresses with a Tea Treatment: The natural antioxidants and ph balance confined in tea closes hair cuticles to create gloss and helps to repair styling damage. Simply soak your strands for high-wattage shine and rich color.
  • Protect your hair from the sun: Sunlight is vital for life, but it can destroy the life right out of your hair. The ultraviolet light in direct sunlight breaks down the keratin protein in the hair. This can result in light smudges and dryness in damaged hair. This is especially troublesome for color treated hair which can be compromised.
  • Massage the scalp: When you are cleaning your hair it is good to get into the habit of massaging your scalp. Doing this for a few minutes every day, even on dry hair, stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells.
  • Eat well: It is rightfully said that the key to devouring a healthy lifestyle is a stable diet and the same goes for hairs. Protein and essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3, help promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

So, keep the above tips in mind and protect your crowning glory.


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