Bloating is always been a problem to many. Bloating is when your belly feels swollen after eating. Bloating is not the same as water retention, but the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. Although bloating is occasionally caused by stern medical conditions, it is most often caused by the diet and some foods or ingredients you are bigoted to.

Well, here below we have certain tips to prevent and treat bloating.

Don’t Eat Too Much at a Time: People who experience bloating often have augmented sensitivity to food in the stomach. Therefore, eating smaller meals can be very useful.

Avoid Swallowing Air and Gases: Swallowed air can add to bloating. A major cause is drinking carbonated beverages, which contain gases that are dissolved in the liquid. Chewing gum, drinking through a straw and eating while talking can also lead to increased amounts of swallowed air. Avoid swallowing air and gases to avoid bloating.

Don’t Eat Foods That Give You Gas: Some high-fiber foods can make people produce huge amounts of gas. If certain foods make you feel bloated or give you gas, try wounding back or avoiding them. Eating fatty foods can also slow digestion and may contribute to bloating for some people.

Try a Low-FODMAP Diet: A low-FODMAP diet has been shown to lead to major decreases in symptoms such as bloating. If you have problems with bloating, with or without other digestive symptoms, a low-FODMAP diet may be a good way to fix it.

So, try to follow the above tips to prevent and treat bloating related issues.


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