There are so many new scams everyday that it has become very hard to remain safe online! With the increasing popularity and necessity of e-commerce, everyone who has acces to internet is now using e-payments. Even our government is pushing online transactions and use of plastic money to bring transparency to the economy. 

Online transactions are great in terms of convenience. But do you think your money is safe when you make online payments?

How to Be Safe and Secure When Making Online Transactions

– As a rule, do not make any online transaction from a public network. Make your payments etc only when you are hooked to your own private network. Similarly, avoid using public computers (eg at library or cafe) to make any payments etc.

– Look for https: HTTPS is a security protocol that guarantees that the website you are using is safe and secure to share your information with.

– Use OTP: Some websites give you option of choosing between One Time PAssword and a 3D PIN, which is like a multi-use password. OTP might seem inconvenient, especially when you are in a hurry. But it is a much safer way of transacting.

– Avoid using same password for every website you use. It is indeed very hard to remember so many complex passwords, but if you are having problems, get help. There are softwares that help you in creating and remembering passwords.

– Keep your anti-virus protection and firewalls up to date! This is indeed your first defence against anyone trying to access your information.

– Do not be duped by fake emails and messages. These days fraudsters are getting more and more creative in their ideas. Never share your login details or other information with anyone – no matter what email or texts you get!

If you follow these tips, you will be less vulnerable to scammers and phishers looking for your sensitive/confidential information.

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