In this winter and cold weather, it is important that you take some extra measure to keep your pet healthy and fit. The cold weather is equally bothersome to the pets as it is to us. Caring for your pet in the winter is a branched effort that will require some thought and preparation.

Here are few tips you can do to keep your pet healthy in this winter:

>Taking care of your pet’s paw: A pet’s legs, tail, and ears are most susceptible to frostbite. It is found in a research that in order to keep your pet healthy in the cold season, extra care has to be taken to make sure that the paws of your pets are well covered from cold exposure.

>Change in activity to adjust calories: Every pet’s diet is standardized to give him all the vitamins, minerals, and calories he needs to thrive. But when an activity level changes drastically, as it can in the winter, adjustments need to be made to ensure sufficient nutrition.

>Block Off Heat Sources: It is generally seen that during winter pets may seek out sources of heat in your house to cuddle up or take a quick nap. But doctors warn that these spots present burn risks for pets because they aren’t aware of how hot they can get.

>Increase Intervals between Baths: In the winter, try increasing intervals between baths to keep your pet warm and fit in the cold snowy afternoon.

>No Off-Leash Time: Your pet might love running around outdoors off leash, it can be especially risky when the temperatures drop. So make sure that they are grounded with indoor games for their safety.

So, keep in your mind the above tips in this winter when it comes to your pet’s safety.

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