The fight against the spread of COVID-19 requires social distancing or incarceration that radically changes the way we live with our children and adolescents.

Amidst this pandemic, there are several ways to keep your children active and healthy. Below are some tips to ensure that your kids are active in all adversities.

> Take active breaks: Indulge into stretch breaks or dance breaks throughout the day to help your child stay healthy and focused.

> Healthy, balanced eating: Boredom and withdrawal can easily lead to smugness in a quarantine situation. This is an excellent opportunity to cook as a family and to learn how to eat healthily with our children by offering them recipes adapted to their abilities and needs.

> Get a good night’s sleep: The current crisis requires a major alteration of pace. For the well-being of all (parents and children alike), it is important to get enough sleep. A tired child is under stress and will be more irritable, which can have an impact on the whole family.

> Reduce sources of stress: Isolation is a difficult time because we need to exchange with others. It is significant to find other ways to do this, such as organizing a meal for friends via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger, calling or writing messages to family and friends. There may also be times when your children experience stress, boredom or mental exhaustion related to the confinement situation. It is important to give them periods of rest, alone and quiet.

So, try to incorporate the above tips to keep your kid active and healthy during Covid-19.


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