“I was sad and depressed for a few weeks after Saurav and I broke up. Since I lived alone, away from family, I had nobody except a few friends to cheer me up. One day a friend coerced me into accompanying her when she went shopping. She managed to convince me to try out a few outfits. I felt lighter and happier while I did it. So the next day I went to the same store again and made a few purchases. I found such happiness in shopping for pretty things that it soon became a habit. Though it helped me cope with my depression, my retail therapy became a problem in its own! Now I find it hard to control my impulses at a store. I buy things I don’t need and will probably never use.” Does this sound like you when you? We all fall into the trap of impulsive your impulse to shop, you might find these tips useful. Tips To Avoid Impulsive Buying 1. The Week Rule: If you are not going to use it within a week, don’t buy it. Buying dresses that will fit you when you lose weight, buying party shoes that might be useful at SOME POINT, are examples of decisions that you should not make. 2. The 4 Day Rule: If there’s something that you really really like and you have convinced yourself that you need it, give yourself 4 days to contemplate. In these 4 days you get to reason with yourself about the usefulness and the cost-benefit of this item. 3. Don’t Own It Before You Buy It: If you like something at a store and pick it up to examine or try it, you attach yourself slightly. If you carry this item all around the store, you have cultivated a sense of ownership with it and will be sorry to part with it. So don’t fall into this trap. 4. Retail Therapy Is No Therapy: Never go shopping when you are sad. 5. Consider How You Saved The Money: Before you buy that new iPhone, consider how much time it took you to save that money. Consider how many hours you need to work to earn that money, can you really spare it for a gadget you can easily live without? 3. Don’t Own It Before You Buy

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