Online dating is getting very popular these days. As mobile apps like Tinder have made it very easy to hook up with someone in just a few easy clicks, youngsters are flocking to apps and websites that facilitate online dating. 

As anyone using these apps will tell you, the key to success is having a great profile. When you have an attractive profile, you get responses from more people. The larger your audience, higher is the chance to find that one perfect match! So what makes a dating profile attractive?

How to Build an Attractive Online Dating Profile

– To begin with, have an action-picture of yourself. Pictures of a person playing a sport, playing a musical instrument, or even just walking in the street will get better responses as compared to a ‘still’ picture.

– When talking about yourself, talk more about the hobbies that other people can share. Going to the movies, theatre, concerts, sporting events etc is great. But if you say you just like to sit and read all day, who would want to hang out with you?

– Avoid running yourself down. You should come across as positive, pleasant and charming – that is who pople want to hang around with.

– Choose recent pictures and keep adding new ones. Pictures of you with a smiling face will add more to your profile than a thousand words. Avoid sexy pouting pictures if you are looking for something serious.

– Update your profile regularly.

– Share stories about your life that will make the audience feel interested in knowing more about you.

– Be honest. There is no point in writing things that are not true – eventually your date would find out and that would be the end of your relationship!

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Lavanya Mehra


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