Rujuta had a tiff with her boss and decied to quit her job immediately. She got so emotional after the fight that she did not even bother with a formal notice to her employer. She just stopped going to work. It was only a few weeks later that Rujuta realised how bad this decision was and how much it was going to cost her and her family.

A lot of people decide to quit their well-paying jobs. For some people it is because of an intent to go back to studies, som do it for better job prospects, a few give up steady income to pursue entreprenurial dreams, and few just give up due to emotional reasons. But whatever your reasons might be, this should be a very well-thought of decision.

Before you finally put in your papers, you must:

1. Discuss with your spouse and family. You don’t want your family to be in the dark and feel offended by this decision. Talk to them and allow them to be a part of this decision.

2. Consider your finances. Do you have enough savings to last you at least six months? It might be that long or even longer before you start making money again.

3. Weigh your options. How is the economy doing? How easy or difficult it might be for you to get a new job? What are the chances of your business becoming a successful venture?

4. What is the company policy of job resignation? Are you required to put in a notice? What is the penalty if you don’t comply?

You should never burn bridges when you leave an organisation. You never know when you might need your employer’s support in job hunting, providing references etc.


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