Some people suffer from the foot-in-mouth disease, a condition in which a person regrets saying things that were said in haste. We are often so emotionally involved in a situation that we say things that can be hurtful to others. One of these tricky situations is seen at the workplace. When you say something to your boss that can be construed as offensive, careless, or shows your lack of motivation and interest, you are doomed! 

Here re a few things nobody should ever say to their boss:

– I am bored: Really, why don’t you do some work?

– It’s not my job/problem: Even if it is not your direct responsibility, you can’t say this to a boss who is clearly expecting more from you!

– At my last job…. : Well, if your last job was so great you should have stayed there.

– This can’t be done: If everyone thinks like this, mankind is doomed to stagnancy! Boss wants to hear answers, not statements like this.

– I am comfortable: Your job is not your bedroom that you should be getting comfortable! Push your limits and keep trying new things, new assignments etc.

– I can’t do overtime: In modern corporate world, there is nothing like a cushy 9-5 job. Everyone puts in extra hours, and also reaps benefits of doing so!

– I am in line for promotion this year: No you are not. Promotions are no lonegr handed out to people standing a queue. Perform well, then ask for a promotion.

– I am not tech-savvy: This is the worst thing an employee can say today. If you are not tech savvy, you should retire and play with grandkids!

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