“We are soulmates. We tell each other everything.” How often have we heard this from women in love! Little do they realize that their men hide important things from them. Afterall, why tell and invite nagging when one can simply not tell?

Things He Hides From You

It is not necessary that he hides things about his love life. He may be hiding other things like his money situation or about his health. You have every right to know what he’s hiding from you. So we have compiled a list of the Top 5 things that men hide from their partners.

1. What He Does on the Computer. No man is immune to a little porn and titillation. This may come in the form of porno films, or as romantic chatting on the internet. He won’t really tell you why he spends hours on his laptop. But if your system crashes every now and then, you can guess that it’s due to some virus from a porn site!

2. The Details of Men’s Night Out. If you could watch a video tape of the men’s night out, you’d be totally shocked. The way guys speak to each other and behave is completely different from how we do. So obviously he wouldn’t want to tell you about all the name calling or the sexist jokes that they enjoyed.

3. The Money Situation. If he’s overspent or has borrowed too much that needs to be paid back, he’ll not be too happy to tell you. He will be embarassed to tell you that he lost control of his money affairs. But as his partner, you need to know.

4. Beginings of Ageing. If he’s gaining weight or developing breathlessness, he ain’t telling you. His cholestrol may be borderline high, but he doesn’t want you to know. He wants you to see him as this macho guy who is strong and reliable. But you should make efforts to know everything about his health.

5. Flirting Games. Just like you enjoy a little flirting in the office, so does he. His colleagues may come on to him, but he won’t let you know. He may enjoy flirting with his friend’s wife, but you are not supposed to find out. As long as its harmless, who cares!

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