Ranjana and Sushil got married after a two year courtship period. But trouble rocked their paradise as soon as 7 months into the marriage. Ranjana’s company transferred her to a new location. She expected Sushil to move to the new city with her, but Sushil did not wish to leave his parents and go. He thought it better that Ranjana quit her high paying job and look for another. This became a tug of war between the couple and it took mediation from both sets of parents to solve the issue.

There are many issues that crop up between love-struck couples when they start living together, and the newness of their relationship fades off. Experts advise that the tough questions should be brought out into the open before you actually tie the knot. If there is an understanding between both the partners on how to deal with unexpected situations in life, things become easier. This saves everyone a lot of grief. What are things that you must discuss with your fiance before getting married?

1. Where does each partner want to settle/live after marriage. It would wrong to assume that your fiance/fiancee is happy to come and start living with your parents.

2. What happens when one of the partners gets transferred?

3. How many children each of you wants, and when?

4. Will your financial affairs remain separate, or will you treat all the incomes and outgoes as those of one single unit?

5. How will the household chores be divided?

6. Any expectations or demands from prospective spouse?

7. How much money is to be spent on t he weddding and who will spend?

8. Past relationships.

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Lavanya Mehra


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