A lot of women today are superheroes in their own right. Balancing a career, family and kids is no mean feat, is it? But even superheroes need some super powers to make that heroism possible. In case  of us women, it’s just some tips that we share with each other, which make our lives so much easier. So today MemSAab brings you a few tips on how to get your cleaning done quickly.

Quick Cleaning Tips

1. Cleaning the kitchen stove and shelf after each cooking session will take you only a few minutes. But if you don’t, the dirt, grime and food stuffs will adhere and dry and then  the cleaning will take you at least half an hour.

2. If you do not have a maid and do the dishes yourself, it is much better to wash the dishes as soon as they go into the sink because piling up the dishes will only make them appear like a big task!

3. You need not make the laundry a separate task. Turn on the washing machine while you are cooking or cleaning.

4. Invest in good cleaning tools. They make the job much easier and quicker.

5. When cleaning the house, dress appropriately. If you don’t, you will worry about soiling your clothes and the job will be done less efficiently.

6. It is better to clean the house when you are alone. Turn on some music and just clean away. If you have kids, do the cleaning when they nap.

7. Keep your oven and microwave clean by never allowing grease or food items to accumulate and dry up in there. Regular cleaning and wiping saves a lot of time.

8. If your kids throw around toys, teach them to put everything back asap. This tip can save you hours of “putting things away”. Also, it can never be too soon to teach the kids some organising and cleaning.

9. Delegate! You can always dish out some cleaning duties to your husband or to your older kids. Your kids can even earn their pocket money by doing some cleaning chores! Great way to teach them value of hard earned money.

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