If you are keeping up with educational news then you must have heard of Super 30 somewhere or the other. Super 30 is a decidedly determined and ground-breaking Indian educational program that is running under the banner of ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’, by Anand Kumar. In this institute, only 30 meritorious talented students are selected every year from economically backward sections of the society and they are prepared for IIT-JEE (Entrance test for IIT). Under this program, absolutely free coaching, lodging and food are provided to these students.

Sons of a salesman and a vendor, and a boy whose elder sister motivated him after their father died of cancer — these are some of the success stories of cracking the JEE Advanced from the Abhayanand Super 30 and Anand Super 30 in Bihar. Nineteen of the 20 students of the Abhayanand Super 30 cleared the exam. Twelve of them ranked higher than 10,000 and stand a good chance of making it to the IITs. Shashi Kumar Modi emerged the topper of the batch, bagging the 258th rank.

Super 30 inventiveness has been acknowledged not only in India but also globally. Actress and former Miss Japan Norika Fujiwara visited Patna only to make a documentary on Anand Kumar’s drives. In 2009, Discovery Channel broadcasted a program on SUPER 30 and the same year also his name was listed in Limca Book of Records for helping Poor Students.

The story of Super 30 is a motivation to make something good in this world irrespective of the results it may convey.

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Joydev Mishra


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