In this present era the soundness of success has grown to a next level of astonishment. In the recent few years we have eventually witnessed the growth and expansion of the tech world in a very swift way. In a recent study what we came across is the vital need to promote the presentation of women in tech platforms. Women involvement in the tech world most definitely need proper visibility and open thoughts parallel with the organization.

In a recent study we came across various facts to analyse the needs of promotion and success. To our surprise majority confirmed that “visibility” is a keen part to make a mark in any tech firm. We came across during a research that the part-take of women is brittle when it comes to growth and promotion in a tech company. Even after 12 years, 50% of technical women, predominately in engineering and computer science, had switched to other fields; 20% of other women professionals had done the same. There is a belief that skipping to a new company can help you to reach the next level of growth. The unconditional effort is actually needed to bring the force of upliftment and progress.

To actually make a stable mark women need more visibility. Visibility aspects can be categorized as:

  • Visibility of valued skills.
  • Visibility in assignments.
  • Visibility in networks.

There is a need to make an unstrained effort to reduce the visibility gap among the employees let it be male or female. By instructive standards, constructing the promotion process more translucent, allocating expressive assignments justifiably, and opening up the right networks for women, we can keep women in tech and build a diverse, talented regiment of leaders.


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