You have heard dance show judges talk about “chemistry”. Agony aunts make a huge thing out of “sizzle”. But what is this chemistry and what is sizzling? 

A steamy relationship is full of spark and vitality. It is the relationship wherein the partners are so in sync and in love that nothing else seems to matter. The romance is in full bloom and there is no space for boredom or dullness in such a relationship. But 10 years down the marriage lane, is it possible to still have the freshness of such a relationship?

Steamy Relationship Maintenance

1. Don’t Stop Dating: Being married should not mean that you have to stay at home. Plan sexy dates, dress the part and think of new and exciting ways to surprise each other!

2. Get Active: Bungee jumping, dance classes, adventure sports etc bring a rush of adrenaline. Sharing these activities with your partner keeps you both young and alive.

3. Be Open: This mean that you should keep an open mind towards the likes/dislikes and expectations of your partner. You don’t have to share all of each other’s interests. But there is no harm in trying new things that are important to your partner.

4. Massage It: Treat each other to a sensous massage at least once a month. Throw in a bit of aromatherapy for extra effects!

5. Surprise Getaways: Plan surprise romantic getaways and watch the expression of delight on his face.

6. Sexy Lingerie: Never give in to old maid’s “comfortable” baggy undies. Sexy lingerie is your best friend when it somes to keeping the spark alive.


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