Shah Rukh Khan, who has never really fuelled any Bollywood controversy (except of course, those rising out of his smoke) is suddenly being seen as a part of a hot sex video!

The controversial video is the one where he is sharing some very intense moments on-screen, with his co-star many, many years ago, Deepa Sahi, in the movie Maya Memsaab! The movie was about Maya who had an extramarital affair with Lalit played by Khan, followed by a few bed scenes.

The film, released in 1993, featured some very obscene scenes that were ripped off the movie by our very sensitive Censor Board. But now, after 15 years, the censored scenes have been mysteriously leaked out for our even more sensitive public!

The video has been floating on the internet since Friday, April 18th, 2008, like dry dust!

As the scenes were supposedly completely deleted from the record, Deepa had refused to accept, in the past, that there was any objection that the Censor Board had with the movie. But the sudden release of the obscene scene has shocked the actress out of proportion!

Interestingly, while Deepa is totally zapped by the new development, SRK is too busy promoting his team at the IPL to comment about it. In fact, according to the reports, he did not even reply to the SMS that Deepa had sent him after getting the news!

Meanwhile, director of the film and husband of Deepa Sahi, Ketan Mehta continues to believe and try to convince the media that no scene of his film was cut by the Censor Board and therefore, no video can possibly have leaked out!

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