The real estate market in Dubai is falling apart. Lenders are worried about recovering their debts to the Dubai World. Stock markets all over the world are tumbling as a result of the Dubai debt crisis. And our dear Shahrukh Khan is all set to invest his money in Dubai. Trust SRK to do things differently!

Shahrukh Khan started his cricket based business venture with the launching of Indian Premier League or the IPL as it is fondly called. After having invested in Kolkata Knight Riders, you would expect SRK to back out of the cricket world. After all, the Knights haven’t done much to make Papa proud! But Shahrukh is all set to add to his cricket business by building a cricket stadium in Dubai.

It has been reported that SRK owns a lot of land in Dubai and he plans to build a world class cricket stadium on it. He is already in talks with developers and the project may kick off soon. This stadium will be well equipped to host international cricket matches. Though it will be majorly a cricket stadium, it will also be used for hosting other global sporting events.

It has been learnt that SRK’s inspiration for building this stadium comes from his concern for the under privileged people, who have no access to sports. SRK feels that avenues should be created for people who are talented, but too poor to be able to afford taking up sports professionally. So SRK is likely to provide free training, coaching and assistance to cricket enthusiasts who are too poor to pay their expenses.

It is common knowledge that Shahrukh Khan is a very loved man in Dubai. He has scores of fans there, who pay a lot of money to attend his shows and see him. So the cricket stadium is a way of paying them back for their love in SRK’s eyes. He may also use his stadium to hold his shows and other tours/concerts etc in Dubai. Sounds like a pretty decent business idea!

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