As per the latest reports, a man paid Rs 18,000 for a flight ticket and voyaged as the only passenger onboard an Emirates flight from Mumbai to Dubai on May 19. Bhavesh Javeri, 40, thus enjoyed an exclusive flight on a 360-seater Boeing 777 aircraft.

According to new travel rules set by the UAE, only a limited number of people can currently travel to Dubai. According to the official Emirates website, these include “diplomatic missions, holders of UAE golden visa, UAE nationals, passengers exempted and/or granted permission to enter the UAE by the appropriate authorities as well as passengers travelling on a business flight who have a valid COVID-19 PCR test certificate”.

Bhavesh Javeri, who had boarded over 240 flights between Mumbai and Dubai so far, added, “I have flown so much, but this is the best flight ever.”

On the flight, meanwhile, Bhavesh Javeri had a great time talking with the crew as well as the commander, who also offered to give him a tour of the entire plane. Since 18 is his lucky number, Bhavesh Javeri got the specific seat that he had asked for, much to his delight. Javeri described his solo journey as “money can’t buy experience”.

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