Teesha finds it difficult to choose clothes for her day at the office every morning. She often feels that she doesn’t have enough clothes to wear to work. Yet her closet is so full of clothes that they are almost overflowing out of it. There is hardly any space to keep any new clothes she might buy. Strange, is it?

Most women have the same problem as Teesha. The reason is that we do not clean out or closet often enough. We prefer to stick with our clothes even when they don’t look good, or don’t fit us any more. Second reason for this uselessly overflowing wardrobe is that we don’t buy clothes sensibly. We buy things just coz they are so pretty!

How to Have a Clean, Well Organised and Well-Stocked Wardrobe

1. Buy things that you will wear regularly NOW. Do not buy for the next winter, or next summer, or next year. 

2. Buy clothes that fit you. Don’t count on fitting into something in a month coz you’re gonna lose weight! What if you don’t?

3. Clean your wardrobe out at least once every 4 months. Discard or donate all those clothes that don’t look good any more or don’t fit you.

4. When buying clothes, go by the 70-30 rule. This means that 70% of your clothes should be the daily wear clothes that can be worn to work or to the park with your kids. Only 30% of the clothes should be pretty fluffy party stuff.

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